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The Ism of Food

An ism is defined as a philosophy, which originated from the Greek philo – love and sophos – wisdom.  We therefore propose that we view food no longer as a means of survival or just a matter of     taste, but as a philosophy that we live by: the wisdom of embracing our love of food.


Happiness in Hobbies

It has been said that your passions pick you but we propose that passions can be fostered by simple and sometime frivolous activities, that focus on the process, that highlight the challenge of solving a problem, that give us a sense of accomplishment and that speak more to our hearts.

Lessons from our

Pandemic Experience


Taking the Madness Out of Making Money

It has been said that the love of money is evil, but the madness is that if our basic needs are not met and we lack financial security, we realistically cannot seek our higher-level needs of love, belonging and self-esteem. We believe that happiness can be less difficult to attain when we are able to take the madness out of money management.

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